My life on the farm for Windows 10


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One minute Lisa is going to sign a contract to be the star of a new show, and as early as the next tone in the duties of recording the first episode of "My Life on the farm"! Help Lisa. Along with her and take care of the plant a plant, milking cows, clipping sheep and buy equipment that will produce desired by your customers good! Remember the radiant smile for the camera. With the help of a local merchant and three super-helpers, you should not have any problems with the achievement of those objectives. Check if you can become the best farmer and win a prize for the show of the year! Are you ready to take the challenge? Language: polskiGłówne Game Features: · 100 levels · Two game modes, 35 trophies · · · Interactive Tutorial mini-game of catching animals lassoWymagania minimum: Processor: 1 GHzPamięć RAM: 512 MBKarta Graphics: No danychWolne place Disc: No danychKarta Sound: not available